We call to cancel the concerts and restrict entering Estonia for musicians who support Putin's terrorist regime

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We, MTÜ VALGEVENE MAJA and the undersigned, call to cancel the concerts and restrict entering Estonia for musicians who support Putin's terrorist regime.


Police and Border Guard Board

Tallinn City Government

Tallinn City Council

We would like to raise a serious topic. Since the beginning of the Russian Federation's invasion of Ukraine, the Republic of Estonia made a strong statement about the situation and made clear that Estonia is not indifferent to the Ukrainian people. One of the acts of solidarity is intolerance of people who openly support murderous Putin's regime. The concert of Philipp Kirkorov, a well-known "advocate" of Putin, was cancelled because of a petition before.

On the day of filing the current petition, the majority of the Parliament of the Republic of Estonia, numbering 88 votes, recognized the Russian regime as a terrorist.

Considering the circumstances, the Russian musician INSTASAMKA's concert in the capital of Estonia and its advertising campaign on social media look unpleasant. The concert and the advertising campaign are being carried out by Mjproduction.

INSTASAMKA (real name Darya Zoteyeva) openly supports Putin's regime and promotes it through her music. After the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the musician appeared on the list on the Ukrainian website theylovewar.

You can see the first photo from the Google search where she kisses Putin below.

Here are the lyrics from her song called "Bless":

"Putin is the best president is the main fact (he's sort of cute)" (translated)

“Путин — лучший президент — это главный факт

(Он вроде милый)” (original)

The link to the lyrics of the song in Russian is below:


Despite leaving the Russian Federation after the beginning of the war, she didn't condemn the Russian government.

Regarding the mentioned facts and the current situation in Ukraine, Belarusian in Estonia represented by MTÜ VALGEVENE MAJA and the undersigned the petition are calling to cooperate in INSTASAMKA's concert (09/12/2022) cancellation and to restrict entering the country. By doing that we want to prevent Putin's propaganda and protect Estonian youth.

Best regards,

MTÜ VALGEVENE MAJA and the undersigned