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Jaan Alver,
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To all kitesurfers and good kitesurfing friends!

We are making a joint appeal with a proposal to the Viimsi Municipal Council and the Viimsi Municipal Government to add kitesurfing to the chapter „4.6. Sprodivaldkond“ in addition to other sports. More specifically, defining and organizing the area for kitesurfing on a 100-meter part of Pikaneeme beach on an area of ca 1,000 square meters. The Development Plan of Viimsi Municipality can be found here.

Proposal: Establish an area for kitesurfing on the Pikaneeme beach.

Related Activities: - Leveling approx. 1000 m2 of the beach area, later its regular mowing - Creation of a path for entering to and from the water/sea (moving stones in compliance with KKA) - Installation of 2 changing rooms and 2 toilets on the municipal area along Rohuneeme mnt - Organizing car parking in cooperation with MTA - Placing sign "Lohesurf" at the defined area If you agree with the proposal, give your signature.

On behalf of the kite surfers Jaan Alver